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Staffing is Important to the success of your event

How many times have you been to a wedding or event and it did not start on time? What did you think was happening behind the scenes? The main cause of delayed event start times in due to understaffing. There are numerous cost contributing factors when seeking a quote and hiring a florist or vendor for your event. Designing, planning and installing floral designs can be very cumbersome. Although the results are beautiful and we stand back and appreciate the beauty of floral art, it is a lot of "hurry up and go".

When I calculate the cost of your floral designs there are many things that I take into consideration. The complexity of the designs. The flowers that need to be used. The delivery process. The difficulty of the installation. All of these factors help to determine the staffing requirements for your event. Some florist calculate the cost of their staff into each design. I charge for each staff members work output, level of expertise and the time required to execute the plans for your event. Always keep in mind that their is pre-planning that goes into your days events. When you see the additional cost for staff or an elevated cost for staffing reflected in the pricing, ask yourself this question; do you want your event to start on time?

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