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Inheritance can create designs for your event whether it be an intimate dinner night or the most talked about event of the year! We will work with your event planner to embody your floral fantasies and bring them into bloom. We also offer event planning from inception to the finale of your event. We are in Cypress, Texas about 15 minutes northwest of downtown Houston. We travel anywhere you would like to have your beautiful event and create florals to enhance your experience. We would love to be your wedding florist, event florist and your every occasion florist. Call us today or email us to set up a consultation for your next event. Choose Inheritance Floral Designs & Events to enhance the beauty of your next wedding, shower, party or corporate event.  



Hi, I'm Andra!

Founder + Owner + Designer

The flower is a beauty that even when it is cut, it continues to bloom. My mom passed away at the age of 62 and left the gift of entrepreneurship, flowers and a legacy for me to continue to grow. Flowers appeal to all of the senses, we should embrace all of them while we can. I have two degrees in agriculture, which gives me the vast knowledge to truly understand plants, flowers and how they work best together. I would love to bring my decades of experience and my inheritable gift to you and your event. No event is to small or too large; from the the floor to ceiling installs, we can handle it all.         

"Give me my flowers while I live!"  My 91 year old Aunt has been saying that since I was 8, and for the last 34 years I have been doing just that physically  and literally!  Roses, Tulips, Lillies, daisies, and sunflowers have filled every house, decorated every event, and have been given to every person I love and deem special. 




Michele Simon 

Client Concierge & Designer


Joanna Crumpton 

I love the natural beauty and smell of flowers. I love the cycle of life and death. It is simple reminder to shine and then life comes to and end and then it will start a new. I have been working with flowers since High School. I had no idea in those classes, that flowers would have been theguiding light for my career path. 


Flowers bring me so much excitement and peace. It is truly a passion and I enjoy every moment of it. I look forward to the outcome when I'm able to sit back and look at my creations. The final product is very rewarding! In my spare time when my children are not competing with sports, I love to compete in amateur rodeos.


Brukendra Fillmore

My name Is Kenzie Alejos. I am currently an elementary teacher who has a love for teaching all things. My love for flowers began in high school. Like many teenagers my life was kind of flying off the rails in high school until I took floral design as an elective. I thought the class would be an easy grade, little did I know that the teacher would run a tight ship. Through her own love of flowers she taught us how to be creative while at the same time hold ourselves to a high standard when it came to our creations. Although my teenage life was spiraling floral design kept me focused and excited about school. It was so fun creating these designs that I even joined my High School FFA chapter. I made some of the best memories with my FFA group. I learned so much about myself in that season and actually still make arrangements for many of my friends events. I’ve also managed to keep a special bond with the fascinating teacher who opened up a part of my creativity I didn’t know I had. She wasn’t just my floral design teacher, she was my FFA advisor and now the owner of Inheritance Floral !!!


Kenzie Alejos 



Floral Project Manager & Designer


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